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Small Business Solutions

Understanding complex food safety laws and requirements can be complex and time-consuming.

CIFS provides you and your staff with training, support and tools to quickly:

  • comply with federal, provincial and municipal laws 
  • protect your customers and livelihood
  • attract more business through the door

Food safety laws you need to know

Federal laws

Health Canada is responsible for establishing policies and setting food safety standards for food businesses. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is responsible for enforcing these policies and standards.

The following are Federal Acts and Regulations related to food safety in Canada: 

  • Food and Drug Act 
  • Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act 
  • Canada Agricultural Products Act 
  • Safe Food for Canadians Act 

Certification requirements

Food Handler certification requirements are set and enforced at a provincial and municipal level. You’ll need to have a clear understanding of specific food safety laws in your province to ensure you and your staff are certified correctly.

Food Handler Certification

Small Business Solutions

The CIFS Food Handler Certification course is government approved throughout Canada.

This easy-to-use online course covers the most important elements of food safety including laws and regulations, personal hygiene, what causes food poisoning and how to maintain a clean workplace.

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How CIFS helps small business

Official Gov't approved certification

High-quality certification that's accepted and approved Canada-wide.

Health Inspector-ready credentials

Upon completion, students receive a certificate that's recognized and accepted by Health Inspectors.

Easy online management

Bulk enrol staff and review past invoices easily through the CIFS online portal.

Priority support and advice

Our trainers are passionate about simplifying food safety compliance for your food business and staff.

Efficient online training

Convenient online learning reduces downtime and travel time for your employees.

Training reminders and notifications

Ensure employees stay on top of their training with email and SMS course reminder notifications.

Flexible billing

Monthly or per-order billing options are available for small business accounts.

Ongoing learning as a CIFS Member

A complimentary CIFS Membership provides unlimited access to food safety resources and more.

Safer food, better business

It's not just about preventing food-borne illness. Food safety also makes good business sense.

Minimize complaints

Customers notice when food isn’t being handled correctly or your cleaning efforts are sub par. They may complain or worse, simply never return.

Protect your reputation

Negative word of mouth or bad reviews is enough to taint your business’s reputation - sometimes forever. Making a comeback won’t be easy. 

Reduce stress

Running a food business isn't easy. The last thing you need is the added stress of dealing with a food safety incident.

Pass health inspections

Your business can expect a visit from an Inspector up to four times per year. Inspectors have the power to fine or close your business immediately. 

Avoid media scandal

With food poisoning stories exploding across social media and mainstream news, food safety is becoming increasingly important to customers.

Comply with the law

Food safety is governed by federal, provincial and municipal legislation. Your business needs to employ staff with Food Handler Certification. 

Membership makes food safety a priority

bakery owner

Running a food business often means long hours and many things to keep track of and manage. Sometimes food safety can get pushed to the bottom of the list — or is expected to manage itself.

CIFS Membership can help take food safety concerns off your plate by making it easy to plan, implement, monitor and train staff on safe food handling procedures. Membership includes:

  • handy templates, checklists and posters
  • downloadable how-to guides
  • information on food recalls
  • food safety news and blogs