Food Safety For Training Managers

Companies need to comply with federal, provincial and municipal laws when planning food safety training.

Food safety compliance is crucial

Food Safety For Training Managers

Food safety compliance often rests on the shoulders of Training Managers who are responsible for:

  • adhering to federal, provincial and municipal laws
  • ensuring that every employee's certification is valid
  • organizing certification for many employees across multiple locations

By maintaining compliance, Training Managers protect their business, employees and customers.

Comply with all food safety laws

Federal laws

Health Canada is responsible for establishing policies and setting food safety standards for food businesses. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is responsible for enforcing these policies and standards. 

The following are federal acts and regulations related to food safety in Canada: 

  • Food and Drug Act 
  • Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act
  • Canada Agricultural Products Act 
  • Safe Food for Canadians Act

Certification requirements  

Food Handler certification requirements are set and enforced at a provincial and municipal level. You’ll need to have a clear understanding of specific food safety laws in your province to ensure your staff are certified correctly.

CIFS helps you comply


The CIFS Food Handler Certification Course is recognized nationally and meets federal, provincial and municipal legislation.

Easy employee management

Through our online corporate portal, you can bulk enrol employees, check their progress, review invoices and more.

A dedicated account manager

Access to a CIFS expert to help with priority support enrolling students and any other business needs.

Health Inspector-ready credentials

All CIFS graduates receive a Food Handler Certificate containing proof of their training.

Ongoing learning as a CIFS Member

A CIFS Membership gives you access to food safety guides, checklists, videos, food recalls and more.

Efficient online training

Convenient online learning reduces downtime and travel time for your employees.

Trusted by Canada's food industry

Discover some of the companies that rely on CIFS to deliver their food safety training...

Booster Juice
Boston Pizza
Courtyard by Marriott
Dairy Queen
Shoppers Drug Mart
Swiss Chalet
The Keg
Tim Hortons

Don’t take risks

If your business fails to meet food safety laws and requirements, the consequences are severe.

Cancelled licence

For serious offences, your licence may be suspended or revoked, closing your business immediately. 

Significant fines

Each offence committed may result in fines totalling tens of thousands of dollars. 


For serious breaches, the Government may prosecute employees, proprietors, managers and individual company directors.

Public spotlight

Your business may be included in a food safety 'Name & Shame' list available to the public.

Prohibition or seizure orders

When public health is at risk, your business may be forbidden to handle food and you may have food seized from your premises and destroyed.

Brand and reputation damage

Your business may struggle to recover its reputation if the media reports a food safety incident.