CIFS Launches HACCP Food Safety Plan Kit for Food Businesses

November 19, 2020


The Canadian Institute of Food Safety has released the HACCP Food Safety Plan Kit to assist food businesses with understanding the HACCP system and creating a Food Safety Plan for their organization. The HACCP Food Safety Plan Kit has been created in response to continual demand from food businesses asking for help with building Food Safety Plans and implementing a Food Safety Program.

There are currently very limited resources about the HACCP system and how to create Food Safety Plans for food businesses. Food businesses need clear, concise and step-by-step information on how to successfully and properly create Food Safety Plans, an essential part of a business’s Food Safety Program. By creating the HACCP Food Safety Plan Kit, CIFS aims to fill the need for Canadian food businesses across the country.

The HACCP Food Safety Plan Kit

The HACCP Food Safety Plan Kit covers all steps and principles of the HACCP food safety system as used by the International Standards Organization (ISO). It provides food businesses with a variety of resources in order to create a HACCP compliant Food Safety Plan. The program comes with three instructional videos that walk viewers through the 12 steps and 7 principles of HACCP. Examples are used throughout in order to illustrate how to go about creating a plan that is done correctly.

The program also comes with five informative and helpful resources, including the Complete Guide to HACCP and four templates. The Complete Guide to HACCP provides a detailed breakdown of HACCP, including the history of HACCP and the steps to building a Food Safety Plan.

The four templates provided are used in conjunction with the videos. These templates are to be filled out and form the basis of the Food Safety Plan for a food business. At the end of the instructional videos, viewers will have a good understanding of the HACCP system and will have created a Food Safety Plan for their food business.

Understanding the HACCP system and building Food Safety Plans is an integral part of running a food business and building a compliant Food Safety Program — the kit will help food businesses achieve this with ease. The HACCP Food Safety Plan Kit is another way that the Canadian Institute of Food Safety is serving Canadian food business owners and the food industry.

Learn more about the CIFS HACCP Food Safety Plan Kit.


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