Helping Food Businesses Manage Food Safety Risks

March 11, 2019


The Canadian Institute of Food Safety (CIFS), a forward-thinking provider of online training and education to the food and beverage industries, debuted its new CIFS Membership Program at the Restaurants Canada Trade Show in Toronto, ON, which ran from February 24-26. The CIFS Membership Program is a part of the organization's continuing efforts to reduce food-borne illness and improve the food safety skills of Canadian food workers.

Visitors to the CIFS booth at the Trade Show got a sneak peek at the Members-only Resource Library and walked away with free digital downloads of members-only guides, such as the CIFS Guide to Allergen Management for Food Businesses.

CIFS Members get unrestricted access to CIFS' Resource Library, which is a collection of 'how-to' guides, shareable videos, checklists, forms, sign-off sheets and more. There are also newsletters and updates to help members manage food safety risks in a commercial kitchen or small-scale food operation. Members can also opt in to receive food recall alerts directly to their phones, making it possible to remove unsafe food items and ingredients from inventory before they end up on a customer's plate.

CIFS Membership is free for 12 months with registration in the CIFS Food Handler Certification Course, which is government-approved across Canada and can be completed online in less than a day. Food businesses who wish to purchase membership independent of the certification course can purchase 12 months of CIFS Membership online for $74.95.

"We developed the CIFS Membership Program as a solutions-based approach to incorporating food safety best practices into everyday operations," says Danielle Cullen, President of CIFS.

"We wanted to help operators protect their customers from food-borne illness and other serious food safety risks, and to protect themselves and their businesses from the financial and legal consequences of making someone sick. A big part of that is keeping food safety front-of-mind every day, and making sure your employees are following proper protocol. Our membership resources were designed to help operators and their employees apply food safety concepts as part of a robust, efficient Food Safety Plan."

Currently, CIFS Members can download in-depth guides on topics ranging from safe preparation of potentially hazardous foods to allergen management in a food business. They can also benefit from printable posters and forms that can be incorporated into Food Safety Plans across many types of food businesses, from full-scale restaurants to school cafeterias.

About the Canadian Institute of Food Safety

The Canadian Institute of Food Safety (CIFS) provides quality food safety education and resources to the Canadian public and businesses. Through education, promotion and advocacy for improved food safety, we help to reduce food-borne illness in Canada.

At CIFS, we support food workers and managers in all types of food businesses. From small food businesses to large corporate organizations, our team has trained and certified thousands of Food Handlers. The CIFS Food Handler Certification Course is nationally recognized across Canada, meeting Federal, provincial and municipal legal requirements. 

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